Thursday, 02 July 2015 00:00

Our CEO has been announced as the new New Chief Operating Officer of Advanced Training Systems.

The appointment of Mar propels ATS to the top level in driver training simulation

Advanced Training Systems LLC,(“ATS”) the industry leader in self-paced driver training simulation systems, announces that it has appointed Enrique Mar as Chief Operating Officer. ATS provides simulation and training processes to the truck driver training world and the trucking industry. Mr. Mar brings many years of experience in development, manufacturing and content innovation in the industry in the US, Mexico and Latin America.

Mr. Mar comes to ATS with a long history of experience commencing with his position as master distributor for I-Sim/GE Capital Driver Development (“GEDD”) in Mexico where he was directly responsible for the sale and integration of simulator systems. Upon L-3’s acquisition of GEDD, Mr. Mar’s company initiated the process of developing a simulator platform that would allow ample flexibility in the sharing of components across various simulation platforms (car, truck, bus, motorsports) allowing for reduced assembly cost(s). These components and assemblies improve the end user’s experience and produce successful training on the simulator systems by reducing/eliminating Simulator Associated Sickness (SAS). Until these developments, SAS has been one of the biggest reasons for resistance to simulator training, along with its high cost.

ATS is the singular driver training Simulator Company today holding US Patents on its Transmission, Glass Dashboard and Adaptive Training with further patents pending. These unique components have shown that the driver training process of novice drivers is possible without the need of a human instructor. The ATS training system allows training institutions to produce more drivers who are better qualified, safer, and more confident before they get into the vehicle. Thus, allowing human instructors to concentrate on the actual “Behind the Wheel” training on the roads and highways.

Since 2008, ATS has developed, tested and incorporated the latest in technology to increase the benefit to the “end user” and make the systems affordable to the training schools and institutions engaged in driver training.


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    Our company represents the cutting edge of simulation technology and training solutions. With our high quality software and training systems, our company provides training that is second to none in the field of simulation. Not only are our simulation systems incorporated with cutting edge technology, but also realistic cab settings

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    IMX-IDEAS a simulation company built up to introduce to the US, México and Latin America effective simulation solutions. With our high quality software and training systems, our company provides training solutions that is second to none in the field of simulation.

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