Passenger Transport Simulator

Manufactured by IMX-Ideas, our Bus simulators are a great training for Passenger´s Bus Operators. This training method prepares the drivers to strength their driving techniques by increasing their decision-making skills.

One of the main objectives of the TB-Sim is that the trainee will learn to operate the unit in a safe environment, minimizing the number of hours of practice in field and that learning is performed using an effective training plan. At the end of every practice the acquired knowledge is reflected at the final report, providing the necessary data to evaluate the driver and improve those skills.

A great training supplement to any type of passenger’s bus, our TB-SIM simulation-training platforms not only significantly prepares drivers for critical situations and adverse conditions, but also reduces accident rates up to 44%. Whether it is to help improve safety conditions, evaluate existing operators or to accurate train new drivers.

The TB-SIM simulator line can be configured in a variety of ways, depending on the clients requirements such as: Unit model, components integration, transmission, visuals, training scenarios, amongst others...


Bus Cabin Components

TB-Sim cab is constructed with high-strength industrial material. We can either use the actual vehicle instrument panel and dash, steering assembly, seat, and pedals to take advantage of the manufacturer’s ergonomic design, or simply adjust the real components to accommodate certain customer specifications.

Manufactured and programmed according to the customer needs:

-Automatic Transmission: Automatic lever programmable via interface up to 6-speed mode.

-Standard Transmission: Patented transmission module in double "H" format lever and integrated into the right side of the driver's seat, with vibration failure feedback system.
Instructor´s station
The Simulator Trainer has the assessment to provide quality user training and its accurate evaluation to every user and institutions.This will be achieve by using the proper tools such as the instructor simulation station where:

-The unit operation can be monitored, -Control and visualize driving session, -Change the session environmental conditions, -Stop and replay the practice, etc...

Steering wheel and steering column
Wheel device / adjustable steering system with programmable and real feedback. Generates muscle memory by facing difficult simulation situations.
Simulation Reports
At the end of the session a final report will be generated and displayed in the instructor station. It will assess the knowledge acquired.
Adjustable pedal module, integrated to the simulator depending on the client´s Gearbox selection: Brake pedal, Throttle pedal and Clutch pedal (if required).
Visual system
To increase the realism the visual system can be designed and integrated from a 3 LED screens to a 3 projection system. This to develop a 180º horizontal visual field.
Drivers seat and seat belt
Driver seat passenger transport type size with longitudinal rails, positioning adjustment and backrest adjustment. Three point device with seatbelt warning switch.
Motion Platform
In order to offer a system closer to reality. The Motion Platform allows the operator to experience acceleration and braking sensations in the simulator cabin.
-Full instrumentation panel. -Real analog instrumentation. -Digitized instrumentation or virtual projection. Programmable to several types of vehicles modalities.
Software Scenarios
Variety on scenarios and training sessions. The simulated environment is developed to assure the driver will reflect a professional enhancement.

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