Truck simulator

IMX designs and develops both generic and custom simulation solutions. We make your simulation experience as real to life as possible. In collaboration, our experienced engineers and simulation designers with research scientists and industry experts have the capacity to develop any kind of custom simulation solution to fit your training and company objectives.

We can assure that any simulation development will grant benefits from a greater flexibility, ease of use and lower maintenance/operational costs. The incorporation of this new type of training technology it will automatically add value to the training program.We are able to design and build up any physical replicas of any hardware and program them to respond in a virtual environment by using our patented interface card.

The effectiveness of simulation and scenario-based learning is in it´s development. It is the learn by doing method. It provides an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a realistic and safe environment.

Using a simulator as a training tool allows to maintain a detailed tracking on the Trainee acquire knowledge, required aptitudes, abilities and monitor the full learning curve.


Learn by Doing Method
As technology advances and society requires better training programs and businesses are looking to hire well trained staff. Likewise to improve it´s own training programs to meet their objectives and quality standards. Simulation Training is in long term, the best solution to meet those required standards implemented in a safe and multi-sensory simulation environment.

¡We have the capacity to develop any kind of Simulation Solution!

Components and Custom Design
The incorporation of the simulation experts in-field knowledge, industry experts research and the latest components technology will aim to success on developing the accurate tool for a Training Solution.

We understand more than technology. Our engineers and designers will develop the custom simulation concept according to the previous industry research and determine the project size and it´s full management.

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  • IMX designs and develops both generic and custom simulation solutions. We make your simulation experience as real to life as
  • Passenger Transport Simulator Manufactured by IMX-Ideas, our Bus simulators are a great training for Passenger´s Bus Operators. This training method
  • Mobile Units Going mobile with our Simulations Systems has several advantages for our clients in providing them the option to
  • On Q-Motion Introducing into the simulation market a new concept of virtual motion platform: Our patented ‟Q-Motion Platform” is adapted
  • EV-SIM EV-Sim evaluates and trains the regular basis driver by programmed practices and repeating specific driving scenarios to develop good
  • HEAVY EQUIPMENT Training is, without doubt, one of the top priorities in the field of Construction and Heavy Equipment. From
  • Open Wheel In all aspects of motorsport, the most recognizable teams are not measured solely by their
  • TR-SIM Flaunting a robust design that includes durable medals, realistic steering, a manual transmission shifting pattern, and a powder