Training is, without doubt, one of the top priorities in the field of Construction and Heavy Equipment. From a preventive point of view student / team member training and education should be integral and directed not only to safety measures but to required level of aptitude to meet industry standards.

Trainees will acquire full knowledge of the machinery operation, identify every different model set of controls and will increase the required operation aptitudes and abilities in a safe environment.
The use of simulators in training is presented as an ever-increasing useful tool when acquiring proper workplace habits while operating various equipment platforms. Ultimately, courses provided via the use of simulated training provide a cost reduction in both training and evaluation to enable uniform practice by multiple operators in an efficient and safe environment.
Utilizing experience gained in the field of entertainment and transportation simulation IMX-Ideas, in cooperation with partners e-Tech Simulation, have collaborated with research scientists, industry experts, and experience operators in the field over the last 3 years to develop a full line of Heavy Equipment, Shipping, and Construction systems.


Visual and Audio System:
The visual system can be projected from a single LED Monitor to a Projection System. Different sets of visuals are reproduced by a high performance computer.

The audio system will reproduce full scenario surroundings and the machinery respective sounds.

Can be selected from a generic cabin to a full replica and built up using the highest quality components.

Integrated with the operator station are the heavy-duty control chair, the diverse generic joysticks and respective machinery components.

Heavy Equipment Instructor:
From the instructor station the Trainer will be able to control the training session, manage groups, classes and users, target them to different type of scenarios depending on their skills and knowledge.

The instructor will be able to monitor every trainee and their performance.

Software and Training Sessions:
Every training session will reproduce the machinery behaviors and different functionalities.

The simulated environment is developed to assure that trainees will reflect a professional enhancement in their labor area on a daily basis.

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  • Mobile Units Going mobile with our Simulations Systems has several advantages for our clients in providing them the option to
  • TR-SIM Flaunting a robust design that includes durable medals, realistic steering, a manual transmission shifting pattern, and a powder
  • On Q-Motion Introducing into the simulation market a new concept of virtual motion platform: Our patented ‟Q-Motion Platform” is adapted
  • IMX designs and develops both generic and custom simulation solutions. We make your simulation experience as real to life as
  • Open Wheel In all aspects of motorsport, the most recognizable teams are not measured solely by their
  • EV-SIM EV-Sim evaluates and trains the regular basis driver by programmed practices and repeating specific driving scenarios to develop good
  • HEAVY EQUIPMENT Training is, without doubt, one of the top priorities in the field of Construction and Heavy Equipment. From
  • Passenger Transport Simulator Manufactured by IMX-Ideas, our Bus simulators are a great training for Passenger´s Bus Operators. This training method