Truck simulator

Heavy Truck Simulator

The prime option when it comes to driver and fleet training.

The TR-Sim focuses to constantly train and evaluate tomorrow´s heavy truck drivers. Every student will obtain retention of shifting patterns, vehicle handling, backing manoeuvres, driving ergonomics and productivity.

Evaluation simulator

Automobile Evaluation System

Emphasize safe driving habits for the everyday driver.

EV-Sim evaluates and trains the regular basis driver in a safe environment. Users will learn the rules of the road, basic driving fundamentals, and defensive driving skills. The simulator emphasises safe-driving habits and increases decision-making skills.

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Bus Simulation System

TB-Sim strengths and evaluates the driver techniques.

A great training for Passenger´s Bus Operators. Prepares them for critical situations and adverse conditions by increasing their decision-making skills.

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Heavy Equipment System

Mining and Construction Training.

Training is one of the top priorities in this industry. Trainees will increase the required aptitudes and abilities in a safe environment.

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New Motorsports Training and Entertainment concept.

Virtual Racing Simulators for profesional drivers seeking a successful training or for racing enthusiasts seeking a unique racing experience.

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Custom Solutions

Develop a unique Simulation Training Solution.

We have the capacity to design and develop any kind of custom simulation solution to fit your training and company objectives.

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Patented Motion Platform.

From a 2 DOF to a 6 DOF our unique Q-Motion Platform will generate acceleration and braking effects in the simulation cabin.

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Simulation Mobile Units

Mobile Training Solution.

We have the ability to adapt all of our simulation systems to any type of Mobile Container allowing Training in several locations at any time.